a new picture book~


~ coming this June. Story by the wonderful Shutta Crum, published by Knopf. This was such a fun story to illustrate – toddlers, toys, troubles, triumphs and one puppy. Oh, and there are only two and one half words. And yes, one of the words is MINE!


  1. This looks adorable, Patrice!! Can't wait to get my hands on it!

  2. Love the Title of this book, Patrice! I Look forward to purchasing this book for my grandbaby. She's at that stage now,saying No!Stop!Mine!

  3. Oh, thank you, Phyllis! Drawing those babies was a blast. :)

  4. cute cover and the title is great.

  5. YAY PATTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this!!! Well I love your work so any book with your art on it I will love! This is so adorable! I want to hug this book. I will be looking for it. xoxo

  6. looks super cute!

  7. Oh my, that looks so adorable! Can't wait to see it.

  8. Tamara, Alicia, Mai and Kristi – You guys are so sweet! Thanks so much!

  9. I can't wait to see the interior! I love your work and drawing babies is soooo much fun!

  10. Thank you, Jane! I agree – drawing babies is fun!!

  11. Hey, Patrice!!!

    I've been wanting to shoot you a note about what WONDERFUL illustrations you did for our book, MINE! Wow…do you have a little peep-hole into the writer's mind? These kids fit perfectly with my vision of them as I imagined the small, but special, plot of this story of one-up-man-ship. And LOVE that dog!

    Thank you! Thank you for taking such care and so lovingly depicting our two unnamed protagonists. (And I think there's really 10 1/2 words total … although only 2 different ones, if you count "Woof!" as a word!)

    I am linking to your website, and to the posting on Cynsations about your work. (Isn't Cyn a dear?) Can't wait for June to get here.

    Take care, and many hugs.

  12. Hi Shutta!!

    I'm delighted you're pleased with the pictures for MINE! Your story was such a treat to illustrate, I enjoyed every minute!!

    Thank you so much for visiting. Thank you also for the links. And Yes, Cyn is the best!!

    All Best Wishes and Hugs to you too!

  13. So sweet! Can't wait to see inside!!!

  14. Sorry for being such a late comer. This is such a sweet book, and it was wonderful to see it in-person. Fabulous job on the illustrations!

  15. Thanks, Deb!Your copy is on it's way! :)

    Thank you, Marsha!

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